Marianne Williamson with Oprah

As the year 2020 rapidly approaches, there is only one aspect that is on many American’s minds, the election on whether President Trump will retain his spot as commander-in-cheif or if someone will find a way to defeat this very polarizing figure. Through many social media platforms and news outlets there has been an apparent divide that is growing in the United States between people who have pure hate due to certain actions of the current president and people that believe he is the only person that is willing to stand up against the establishment of the country’s politics. In the article, “A self-help guru and Oprah confidante is running for president with a mission to heal a divided country via a spiritual awakening”, there is a person that believes they can squash this divide and help this great country thrive again. Business Insider provides an interesting outlook on 2020 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson who is a multiple time New York Bestseller and specializes in spirituality and morality and is confident she is the one that can make a difference. The 2020 candidate explains “All that a nation is, is a group of individuals. So the same psychological and emotional and spiritual principles that prevail within the life of an individual prevails within the life of a nation.” She has been spreading these values her entire spiritual career and now these ideas have turned into political aspirations as she announced her presidential campaign in January.

As an individual who is ending their college career and will soon be shipped off into the real world, I pick and choose what I feel is necessary to worry about. The divide of this country is one of those things. Although I do believe the divide is exaggerated to an extent due to bias media outlets between both political parties. I feel that the only way that a nation can have any success is if people have a mutual respect for each other and can find a way to compromise. It is impossible to get everyone to agree over a certain debacle but it is very much possible to respect each other on an individual level and find a middle ground. Between the past two presidents they have used rhetoric that has further separated different groups in the US and if Williamson believes she has the solution of compromise and respect, I am 100 percent in. I will be intently looking into what she has to offer.


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