Long Piece: “Pathway to Success”

An Inside Look Into ENC3254

In the modern day business world, individuals seeking employment in their respective areas must be a step ahead of their competition. Thousands of college students graduate every year with the credentials necessary to apply for positions in the job market. In order to stand out, applicants must display a diverse skillset which shows versatility in the workplace.

The course Writing in the Discipline: Strategic Communications, or ENC3254, prepares students to become proficient in many aspects of professional writing. Throughout the semester, students will polish their writing skills in order to create written pieces they will be able to use professionally in the future. Projects include blog posts for trade press releases and pitches. The press releases allow students to work on portraying their voice through writing in an informal manner. The pitches focus on developing professional writing by preparing a letter suggesting a business idea to an editor or executive. Both assignments prepare students for versatility in writing which enhances individual writing abilities.

Native advertising projects challenge students to analyze effective advertising techniques. An element of the native advertising project is creating a native advertisement which allows for students to produce a creative ad using editing programs. This familiarizes students with popular online services which employers will expect their employees to know. The content marketing campaign focuses on creating a complete campaign for a local business. Students have to configure a plan which would market their business to a particular audience successfully though a short and long piece. The short piece requires editing programming which also helps students become familiar with popular online programs for advertising like Adobe Spark. The long piece includes informative writing along with visuals in an effort to connect with their audience of interest.

ENC3254 serves as the ideal course preparing students to enhance their writing skills and utilize knowledge from the semester in the real world. After taking Strategic Writing in the Discipline, students will have the assets employers look for. If interested in advancing your skill set and being one step ahead of future competition for employment, invest in ENC3252, your pathway to success.

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