Shea Moisture, for the people.

There is an abundance of products emerging this spring season that show innovation and improvements over time. One product among the best of 2019 is Shea Moisture. Out of all of the elements of the human body, women love to take care of and maintain beautiful hair. The most important elements of a good beauty product is the companies stance on animal testing. Many customers today will refuse to purchase products that do not display a clear label that states they do not test on animals. Shea Moisture not only refuses to test on animals, but they also use organic ingredients that are sulfate and paraben free. Although Shea Moisture has been around since 1912, they always emerge with great new products. The new product from Shea Moisture is their new ‘Coconut Custard Make It Last Wash N’ Go Curl Revival Oil.’

8 fl oz, $11.99

What makes this oil different from other companies such as Aussie or Tresemme?

Not only is the quality of this product stellar, the ideals behind the company that created the product is top-knotch. Shea Moisture is committed to providing fairness through their prices and quality of the products they create. The ideals behind their company are rooted directly from their CEO that is committed to giving back. A portion of the proceeds from customers purchasing their products are allocated to be given back to the areas that gave them the ingredients such as Jamaica. The support given by Shea Moisture as a company helps “building critical community infrastructure (including safer work environment, healthcare, piped water and warehousing), offering employment opportunities, giving support to schools and investing in equipment and facilities that boost production capacity and quality.” Shea Moisture is a company created by people, for the people. It helps support local and international commerce through fair trade and support of businesses.

Committed to Excellence

The curling oil recently released by Shea Moisture is a high quality product that leaves hair feeling soft and revived while using some of the best ingredients on earth. The commitment of Shea Moisture to giving back and improving conditions over seas is admirable, but the quality of their products and fair pricing is what makes Shea Moisture stand out among the rest of the beauty brands.

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