Be Smart and Take Strategic Communications

Are you tired of being fooled by the market place? Everything you purchase there is a marketing strategy behind to make you make that purchase. The marketplace is always one step ahead of you. Many people major in marketing or advertising to figure out how to be one step ahead of the market.

D. Coxwell is a student at the University of Florida. He grew up being fooled by every single ad he came across. As he stated, “I fell for everything because I always thought they were on my side.” Little did he know before college that professionals with degrees in advertising figured out how to appeal to their consumers emotions to get more purchases of a particular item. Everything is advertised in a unique way to increase customer base and sales.

One of the most impactful classes David has come across at the University of Florida is the Strategic Communications Course. This course was one of his first classes at UF and it changed his view on the marketplace forever. This was the course where he learned about all the different advertising strategies. He learned that everything in this world is advertised in a particular way to appeal to customers emotions. Even he got to practice using these different techniques, which really proved to him that nothing in this world is simple like we think. For example, all the words and pictures on all of the food items and everything else had to go through many people before actually being put on the market for sale.

The Strategic Communications Course can change one’s life forever. It can help prevent one from going out into the market world and being vulnerable. This course offers all the information one needs to be able to shop smart, save money, and make wise decisions. Don’t let the market fool you. You go out there and buy what you want regardless of the ad. Don’t let ads trick you into making an unnecessary purchase. Take the Strategic Communications Course like D. Coxwell and end up being smarter and one step ahead of the market. Us, non-marketing and non-advertising majors, don’t let advertisers appeal to our emotions and make us vulnerable due to our ignorance on the topic of advertising.

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