Life changing course at UF

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Hello UF students!

Do you want to learn valuable skills to land that job you have always dreamed of? Do you want to build a portfolio for future employers to look at? Do you want to open up your own business and learn how to be successful? Do you want to learn how to write effectively to communicate your ideas well? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, ENC 3254 is the course for you.

This course will grow your writing skills in so many ways. If you are an advertising or marketing major student this class is a no brainer. However, if you are a STEM major and debating rather this course is of any use to you, I am speaking to you. I am a premedical student and would recommend this course for all STEM major students to take. It is so important to become a balanced student and learn things that you would not otherwise learn. Strategic communication is a valuable skill that everyone of all majors can benefit from. I would go as far to say that strategic communication is the most important skill to be successful in life. Without communication, you cannot effectively get your ideas across. What good is information you keep to yourself? Exactly, useless.

This strategic communication class is like no other and the skills you learn is bountiful. You will learn how to create a stellar advertisement with Microsoft Word. Knowing how to work Microsoft Word is so crucial in the job market.

Personally, my writing has grown so much in this last semester than all of my high school years combined. The environment of this course is very friendly and the constructive criticism you get back on your assignments is where all the growth happens. You will learn how to become an effective freelancer, use WordPress, create advertisements and much more!

If you are not convinced yet, all I can say is you are missing out and selling yourself short. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and go gators!

Secrets to Running a Booming Dermatology Practice

Are bedside manners better than advertising?

Press Release UPDATED February 10, 2019

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Photo Courtesy Dr. Allison Hoffman, MD, FAAD
Mill City Dermatology, PA

Gainesville, Fla., February 10, 2019 (Dermatology News)—

What are key qualities to a booming dermatology practice?

You may think advertising but actually that is at the bottom of the list in creating a busy dermatology practice. Bedside manners are of the upmost importance.

If your patient leaves and does not feel like you genuinely care for their wellbeing, you have failed at your job as a physician. Patients are your top priority and word of mouth overpowers advertisements any day.

Exactly how do you create this great relationship between you and your patients?

Firstly, give patients your personal phone number. Tell them to call you if any problems arise. This will surprise them with how accessible you are. Nothing makes a patient feel more loved than a personal phone number.

Secondly, have your assistant call the patient on the first post-treatment day. “Care and concern for the patients you’ve treated are very important, so that the patients feel comfortable in coming back to see you,” said Dr. Weinkle.

Thirdly, be known as an expert in your local community. Dr. Hexsel said, “Something that I think helped a lot to improve my practice was to give interviews for the media.” Three to four interviews a week may be annoying; however, vital for a thriving dermatology business. “Spending a lot of time traveling to medical meetings is necessary to become known among your peers,” said Dr. Grablowitz.

Fourthly, be involved in research. This way patients can trust you that you are aware of the latest technology. Dr. Baumann asserted, “A great way to build a practice is to do research projects…Patients realize you are cutting edge when you perform the clinical trials that lead to FDA approval.”

Lastly, make sure office staff are all on board with all of the cosmetic procedures. “It’s very important that the staff and doctors are giving out the same information to the patients, because the patients ask everybody in the office,” said Dr. Baumann. Patients come in very knowledgeable about their procedure but still ask office staff about their opinions in search of affirmation.

Use these tips to create a bustling dermatology practice.

For more on this, check out, John R. Bell, “Marketing Secrets of Top Dermatologists Revealed,” Dermatology News (August 2007)


Lindsey Rykard

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Lindsey and I am a sophomore at the University of Florida. My major is nutritional science and I am on the premed track. I aspire to be a dermatologist in the future. I grew up doing competitive gymnastics and absolutely loved the sport. Unfortunately, I had to retire because the cartilage in my knee began to wear away. The many doctor appointments that I went to helped me find my interest in the medical field. Once, I started really studying the different professions, dermatology stuck out at me. There is so much diversity in this field of study ranging from cosmetics to cancer. Dermatology includes all age groups and all races. As my interest is in the field of dermatology, most of my article blogs will be about skin and the many versatile procedures. Also, I am interested in nutrition and exercise science so some of my posts will be content related to that too. Additionally, I love the outdoors rather that is the beach or the mountains it does not matter to me. Nothing beats a good sunset and a gorgeous view. I am a puppy owner to a standard poodle but have a love for all dogs. In my free time I love to walk my dog, weight lift, cook and travel.