Life changing course at UF

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Hello UF students!

Do you want to learn valuable skills to land that job you have always dreamed of? Do you want to build a portfolio for future employers to look at? Do you want to open up your own business and learn how to be successful? Do you want to learn how to write effectively to communicate your ideas well? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, ENC 3254 is the course for you.

This course will grow your writing skills in so many ways. If you are an advertising or marketing major student this class is a no brainer. However, if you are a STEM major and debating rather this course is of any use to you, I am speaking to you. I am a premedical student and would recommend this course for all STEM major students to take. It is so important to become a balanced student and learn things that you would not otherwise learn. Strategic communication is a valuable skill that everyone of all majors can benefit from. I would go as far to say that strategic communication is the most important skill to be successful in life. Without communication, you cannot effectively get your ideas across. What good is information you keep to yourself? Exactly, useless.

This strategic communication class is like no other and the skills you learn is bountiful. You will learn how to create a stellar advertisement with Microsoft Word. Knowing how to work Microsoft Word is so crucial in the job market.

Personally, my writing has grown so much in this last semester than all of my high school years combined. The environment of this course is very friendly and the constructive criticism you get back on your assignments is where all the growth happens. You will learn how to become an effective freelancer, use WordPress, create advertisements and much more!

If you are not convinced yet, all I can say is you are missing out and selling yourself short. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and go gators!

Be Smart and Take Strategic Communications

Are you tired of being fooled by the market place? Everything you purchase there is a marketing strategy behind to make you make that purchase. The marketplace is always one step ahead of you. Many people major in marketing or advertising to figure out how to be one step ahead of the market.

D. Coxwell is a student at the University of Florida. He grew up being fooled by every single ad he came across. As he stated, “I fell for everything because I always thought they were on my side.” Little did he know before college that professionals with degrees in advertising figured out how to appeal to their consumers emotions to get more purchases of a particular item. Everything is advertised in a unique way to increase customer base and sales.

One of the most impactful classes David has come across at the University of Florida is the Strategic Communications Course. This course was one of his first classes at UF and it changed his view on the marketplace forever. This was the course where he learned about all the different advertising strategies. He learned that everything in this world is advertised in a particular way to appeal to customers emotions. Even he got to practice using these different techniques, which really proved to him that nothing in this world is simple like we think. For example, all the words and pictures on all of the food items and everything else had to go through many people before actually being put on the market for sale.

The Strategic Communications Course can change one’s life forever. It can help prevent one from going out into the market world and being vulnerable. This course offers all the information one needs to be able to shop smart, save money, and make wise decisions. Don’t let the market fool you. You go out there and buy what you want regardless of the ad. Don’t let ads trick you into making an unnecessary purchase. Take the Strategic Communications Course like D. Coxwell and end up being smarter and one step ahead of the market. Us, non-marketing and non-advertising majors, don’t let advertisers appeal to our emotions and make us vulnerable due to our ignorance on the topic of advertising.

Internet Service Advertised with Chunky Milk

A company called Mint Mobile premiered a commercial during the Super Bowl earlier this year with the intentions of promoting their new wireless internet deal. The commercial, however, only briefly mentioned the internet service at the beginning and the end for a few seconds and spoke about chunky milk for the rest of the commercial. The goal of the ad seemed to be that customers would think that Mint Mobile’s $20 internet a month must be an error in price because of being so low. The company’s mascot replied in the commercial by saying the price was right but what wasn’t right was drinking chunky milk. The brand then proceeded to show chunky milk images for the rest of the commercial.

I think that this campaign attempted to use humor and irony to sell the product but it ended up being the worst commercial that I’ve seen this year because it was simply ineffective. Instead of associating Mint Mobile with extremely low prices viewers would end up associating the brand with chunky milk. If Mint Mobile wanted to be memorable, they should have chosen a different image to be remembered by than chunky milk. Almost the entirety of the commercial focused on something other than the real product that was intended to be sold, so it seems unlikely that viewers of the Super Bowl would remember the brand when choosing their internet provider.

Shea Moisture, for the people.

There is an abundance of products emerging this spring season that show innovation and improvements over time. One product among the best of 2019 is Shea Moisture. Out of all of the elements of the human body, women love to take care of and maintain beautiful hair. The most important elements of a good beauty product is the companies stance on animal testing. Many customers today will refuse to purchase products that do not display a clear label that states they do not test on animals. Shea Moisture not only refuses to test on animals, but they also use organic ingredients that are sulfate and paraben free. Although Shea Moisture has been around since 1912, they always emerge with great new products. The new product from Shea Moisture is their new ‘Coconut Custard Make It Last Wash N’ Go Curl Revival Oil.’

8 fl oz, $11.99

What makes this oil different from other companies such as Aussie or Tresemme?

Not only is the quality of this product stellar, the ideals behind the company that created the product is top-knotch. Shea Moisture is committed to providing fairness through their prices and quality of the products they create. The ideals behind their company are rooted directly from their CEO that is committed to giving back. A portion of the proceeds from customers purchasing their products are allocated to be given back to the areas that gave them the ingredients such as Jamaica. The support given by Shea Moisture as a company helps “building critical community infrastructure (including safer work environment, healthcare, piped water and warehousing), offering employment opportunities, giving support to schools and investing in equipment and facilities that boost production capacity and quality.” Shea Moisture is a company created by people, for the people. It helps support local and international commerce through fair trade and support of businesses.

Committed to Excellence

The curling oil recently released by Shea Moisture is a high quality product that leaves hair feeling soft and revived while using some of the best ingredients on earth. The commitment of Shea Moisture to giving back and improving conditions over seas is admirable, but the quality of their products and fair pricing is what makes Shea Moisture stand out among the rest of the beauty brands.

Long Piece: “Pathway to Success”

An Inside Look Into ENC3254

In the modern day business world, individuals seeking employment in their respective areas must be a step ahead of their competition. Thousands of college students graduate every year with the credentials necessary to apply for positions in the job market. In order to stand out, applicants must display a diverse skillset which shows versatility in the workplace.

The course Writing in the Discipline: Strategic Communications, or ENC3254, prepares students to become proficient in many aspects of professional writing. Throughout the semester, students will polish their writing skills in order to create written pieces they will be able to use professionally in the future. Projects include blog posts for trade press releases and pitches. The press releases allow students to work on portraying their voice through writing in an informal manner. The pitches focus on developing professional writing by preparing a letter suggesting a business idea to an editor or executive. Both assignments prepare students for versatility in writing which enhances individual writing abilities.

Native advertising projects challenge students to analyze effective advertising techniques. An element of the native advertising project is creating a native advertisement which allows for students to produce a creative ad using editing programs. This familiarizes students with popular online services which employers will expect their employees to know. The content marketing campaign focuses on creating a complete campaign for a local business. Students have to configure a plan which would market their business to a particular audience successfully though a short and long piece. The short piece requires editing programming which also helps students become familiar with popular online programs for advertising like Adobe Spark. The long piece includes informative writing along with visuals in an effort to connect with their audience of interest.

ENC3254 serves as the ideal course preparing students to enhance their writing skills and utilize knowledge from the semester in the real world. After taking Strategic Writing in the Discipline, students will have the assets employers look for. If interested in advancing your skill set and being one step ahead of future competition for employment, invest in ENC3252, your pathway to success.

International Changes in the Legal Arena

Government Shutdown

In the United States, the longest government shutdown in US history continues, and experts say that there may be some unintended consequences. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is experiencing delays in the reviews currently filed and can expect a severe backlog of reviews when the Government shutdown ends, especially as their scope has recently increased under legislation. Some of the deals that the CFIUS is supposed to review may not go forward if the government shutdown continues, which will have a serious effect on already low foreign direct investment in the US. [McQueen, Government Shutdown Holds Up CFIUS)


In the U.K., law firms are preparing for the country’s departure from the European Union by admitting many solicitors to the Irish roll and ensuring their lawyers are dual qualified, as lawyers will no longer be able to practice English law in continuing European Union countries. [Bennett, What Top Law Firms in the UK Are Doing]

The Big Four Push

The Big Four Accounting Firms are expanding and strengthening their presence in Asian legal markets, as the global growth of legal services lawyer head count in the Asia-Pacific region is 30%. Most recently, KPMG has launched a law firm in Hong Kong called SF Lawyers with nine highly-qualified lawyers and aims to expand to twenty lawyers by the end of the year. [Kang, Big Four’s KPMG Opens Hong Kong Law Firm] The KPMG launch in Hong Kong is a part of the company’s aim to double the size of their legal services arm. The push into legal services by the Big Four Accounting Firms has been a concerning move for many law firms, despite the claim by KPMG that they are, “not trying to build a law firm within an accounting firm.” [Nick Roome, KPMG U.K. Legal Services Head] The legal services offered by the Big Four Accounting Firms include services in business structures transactions; tax disputes and investigations; employment and immigration; and “new law” and global, which handles filing and regulatory process work for clients. [Nair, KPMG Aims to Double Size of Its Legal Services Arm] This development in the legal arena offers a unique opportunity for international business lawyers.

Challenges & Opportunities

Around the world, the legal climate is changing. In the United States and the U.K., politics are forcing law firms and individual lawyers to prepare and adapt to change. The Big Four Accounting Firms are causing changes around the world as they are strengthening their legal services arm. While these changes in the legal climate create many challenges for law firms and individual lawyers, they also present unique opportunities.


Marianne Williamson with Oprah

As the year 2020 rapidly approaches, there is only one aspect that is on many American’s minds, the election on whether President Trump will retain his spot as commander-in-cheif or if someone will find a way to defeat this very polarizing figure. Through many social media platforms and news outlets there has been an apparent divide that is growing in the United States between people who have pure hate due to certain actions of the current president and people that believe he is the only person that is willing to stand up against the establishment of the country’s politics. In the article, “A self-help guru and Oprah confidante is running for president with a mission to heal a divided country via a spiritual awakening”, there is a person that believes they can squash this divide and help this great country thrive again. Business Insider provides an interesting outlook on 2020 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson who is a multiple time New York Bestseller and specializes in spirituality and morality and is confident she is the one that can make a difference. The 2020 candidate explains “All that a nation is, is a group of individuals. So the same psychological and emotional and spiritual principles that prevail within the life of an individual prevails within the life of a nation.” She has been spreading these values her entire spiritual career and now these ideas have turned into political aspirations as she announced her presidential campaign in January.

As an individual who is ending their college career and will soon be shipped off into the real world, I pick and choose what I feel is necessary to worry about. The divide of this country is one of those things. Although I do believe the divide is exaggerated to an extent due to bias media outlets between both political parties. I feel that the only way that a nation can have any success is if people have a mutual respect for each other and can find a way to compromise. It is impossible to get everyone to agree over a certain debacle but it is very much possible to respect each other on an individual level and find a middle ground. Between the past two presidents they have used rhetoric that has further separated different groups in the US and if Williamson believes she has the solution of compromise and respect, I am 100 percent in. I will be intently looking into what she has to offer.

Stressed-Out Workers are Costing Companies

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Companies feel like they are doing as much as they can for their employees by spending more money on health benefits than they do on some of their own products. But they do not realize that the real issue lies with the stress that comes along with the job. Employee stress is usually due to an overwhelming amount of work hours, little to no autonomy over their jobs, and economic instability. These are things that affect people in all careers, whether they are blue- or white-collar jobs. This great amount of stress on the employees is not only affecting their mental health but also the company’s profit. The pressure causes the workers to miss their shifts, and if they do show up, they are unproductive.

According to U.K. government figures, more than half of the country’s working days lost to ill health in 2017-2018 were caused by stress, depression, or anxiety. Jobs expect employees to use their sick days when they are physically ill, but they usually don’t consider mental illnesses as a valid health concern. Companies definitely do not expect that they are at the heart of the issue.  The Wall Street Journal says “companies spend $190 billion in excess costs to workplace stress and 120,000 annual deaths—enough to place it sixth amid causes of death in the U.S., ahead of diabetes and kidney disease.” This statement contradicts itself because workers’ jobs are the reason they are stressed out, and it is costing the company whenever employees miss work. Companies are aware that they are losing money to these issues but aren’t doing anything to change it.

What can companies do to avoid these expenses to employees and employers? Companies like Zillow and Patagonia have enhanced their teams’ health and productivity by implementing some direct strategies. These include providing employees with regular, limited work hours, allowing them more control over their jobs, and providing them with more economic security. The solutions to these issues are clear, but it is up to the companies to decide if they want to invest more money on the well-being of their employees.

For more on this, check out Jeffrey Pfeffer’s essay “The Hidden Costs of Stressed-Out Workers”, Wall Street Journal (Feb 28, 2019).

Future of Tourism to be Influenced Through Global Summit

Each year the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) holds a Global Summit to discuss how tourism has evolved throughout the year, as well as upcoming trends for the industry. This year’s event will be held in Seville, Spain.


Image of Seville, Spain – Courtesy of TripSavvy

Travel Weekly highlights expectations for this year’s Global Summit in its article, “Change in the Making,” written by Arnie Weissmann and Johanna Jainchill.

The event will feature several speakers, one of which will be Ken Dychtwald, CEO of the company Age Wave. Age Wave’s business mission is to focus on the older demographic of the population and the problems that affect it.

He will be speaking about something that seems unconventional to the tourism industry, which is refocusing tourism’s target market to the older generations. It’s often assumed that younger people are the ones who like to travel and embark on adventures, but according to Dychtwald the opposite is true.  “[The older generation has] more appetite for travel, more desire to experience the world, more free time and financial strength than ever before in history,” Dychtwald says.

There will also be several other speakers, most notably including Barack Obama, who was an advocate for tourism during his presidency. Travel Weekly says that he will speak about why he saw tourism as a valuable part of the U.S. Economy.

Ultimately, this article provides insight that tourism is continuously changing, and the Global Summit will be a driving force in this change. Attendees are urged to listen to the speakers who will explain the major changes that will happen in the industry, as well as how to best prepare their businesses for them.

As time passes, a variety of factors will continue to affect tourism. It is an industry that always allows room for substantial growth, and the summit this year will surely educate tourism professionals on how to be successful in this changing environment.

For more on the annual Global Summit, visit Arnie Weissmann and Johanna Jainchill’s “Change in the Making” Travel Weekly, (2019).