Internet Service Advertised with Chunky Milk

A company called Mint Mobile premiered a commercial during the Super Bowl earlier this year with the intentions of promoting their new wireless internet deal. The commercial, however, only briefly mentioned the internet service at the beginning and the end for a few seconds and spoke about chunky milk for the rest of the commercial. The goal of the ad seemed to be that customers would think that Mint Mobile’s $20 internet a month must be an error in price because of being so low. The company’s mascot replied in the commercial by saying the price was right but what wasn’t right was drinking chunky milk. The brand then proceeded to show chunky milk images for the rest of the commercial.

I think that this campaign attempted to use humor and irony to sell the product but it ended up being the worst commercial that I’ve seen this year because it was simply ineffective. Instead of associating Mint Mobile with extremely low prices viewers would end up associating the brand with chunky milk. If Mint Mobile wanted to be memorable, they should have chosen a different image to be remembered by than chunky milk. Almost the entirety of the commercial focused on something other than the real product that was intended to be sold, so it seems unlikely that viewers of the Super Bowl would remember the brand when choosing their internet provider.